Mizzi Mozzi Book Series


The “Discover with Mizzi Mozzi” series of language introduction books are evolving in combinations of 15+ languages, including English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Malay, Polish, Arabic, Turkish and Bengali, with more languages under development. Please visit www.mizzimozzi.com for the current and pending availability of language combinations.

Mizzi Mozzi Brand

The Mizzi Mozzi brand guidelines were developed by Tais Lemos who also has a background in design.

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Mizzi Mozzi Characters

EasyJet campaign

 Mizzi Mozzi was launched in partnership with Easyjet Airline all across Europe.

The ebooks are available for download on the Mizzi Mozzi app.

Press Release

Easyjet offers free digital books to families traveling with children this summer to combine learning a new language with as much fun as possible. This is done through an exclusive partnership with the digital children's book series Mizzi Mozzi.

For example, 84 Mizzi Mozzi series e-books in six European languages are available for free download in all Easyjet aircraft via QR codes on the back of the seat, to make it easy for families with their children to learn a new language this summer. The books encourage children to try foreign languages - for example, to welcome someone in Spanish (hola), to make new friends (amigos) and to enjoy the delicious local cuisine (comida).

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